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3 Trends in Biometrics You Can’t Ignore

3 Trends in Biometrics You Can’t Ignore

Posted 12th Feb 2015 by Frontier Technology Team | Topic(s): Biometrics

Biometrics are a compelling piece of the larger security solution picture. As with many technologies, biometrics have continued to advance in their capabilities and effectiveness. We wanted to share an article recently written by Jeremy Krinitt, General Manager of Frontier, about the recent trends in biometrics that make them more effective as solutions for end users.

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The Frontier team is constantly analyzing and developing technologies that can improve the ability of our customers to manage their security environments. Our focus is to build solutions that not only provide capabilities, but do so in a way that is reasonable to implement, use and manage on an ongoing basis. We are very excited about the way we have implemented biometrics in Frontier R4 and we would love to show you the solution.

Please contact us to set up a time to take a look.

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