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Holiday Schedules in the Frontier Access Control System

Holiday Schedules in the Frontier Access Control System

Posted 1st Oct 2014 by Frontier Technology Team | Topic(s): Access Control, Frontier Integrated Platform

It’s that time of year. Many people are taking time off from work and some businesses are preparing for limited staffing, while other businesses are performing on a business-as-usual basis.

In the Frontier access control system, there is a manner in which the user can use the Calendar function to ensure the schedules that operate the doors are “on the same page”. What does that mean?  It means the user can select a specific day on the Calendar within Frontier. The selected day is referred to as a “special” or “simulated” day.

The purpose of the “special” or “simulated day” is to ensure that the activities (e.g. door locks/ unlocks, access control, etc.) that were defined for the access control system on a normal day-to-day basis would not apply on non-normal day schedules. Instead, the activities would follow the “special” day schedules.

In order to make these “special” day schedules available for use, the user first needs to enter the appropriate information into the edit window, as seen below.

Edit period window screenshot

Then, on the actual schedule in Frontier, the “special” line of the schedule would need to be enabled, as shown below.

Screenshot with special line enabled

By using the “special” function of Frontier, one can quickly and easily change the access control schedule for the facility between normal and non-normal schedules.

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