Streamline. Synchronize. Secure.

First as Matrix Systems and then as Frontier Security, we are proud of our reputation for industry-leading technology and products. Our company was built on a passion for securing people, property, and information. Our 35-year commitment to be the best in security management and access control solutions has been reflected in a long list of impressive company achievements and industry firsts. Here are some of our company’s key milestones:

2014 – Frontier Security is created to manage the growth and development of the Frontier Integrated Platform moving forward.

2013 – Matrix hires security industry veteran Holly Tsourides as CEO.

2009 – Matrix releases its Frontier 2010 Access Control software, which features built-in interfaces for both Schlage and CyberLock® wireless hardware, plus an improved import/export wizard.

2006 – Matrix launches a Reader Control Module with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) capability, an industry first. When Matrix demonstrates this groundbreaking technology at the ASIS trade show, it is selected as one of the highlight products.

2004 – Matrix sells its Time and Attendance business to Kronos in order to focus on Access Control and Security. Matrix launches innovative new technology, The Matrix Subsystem Gateway (MSG), to provide a cost-effective, network-capable access control solution for remote locations.

2003 – James S. Young, son of founder D. James Young, becomes President of Matrix Systems.

2002 – Matrix is awarded a contract to install an access control and alarm monitoring system to operate on an ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) backbone and integrate live audio, video, and digital video recording solutions. This is the first integrated system of its kind, enabling viewing of recorded video that precedes an alarm, two-way audio communications, and camera control with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities.

2001 – Matrix earns a contract with Eastman Kodak to provide a global access control solution and installs Frontier on five continents.

1998 – Matrix releases Frontier—the next generation of access control and alarm monitoring software.

1996 – Matrix releases the MX-2 magnetic stripe reader, MX-Prox2 proximity reader, and metal casting MX-540 magnetic stripe or Wiegand technology reader.

1995 – Matrix incorporates support for TCP/IP communication protocol and introduces MX MultiView—a user-friendly pull-down menu graphical workstation option. The company also unveils its MX-1 magnetic stripe and MX-Prox proximity Badge Readers and MXRCM Reader Control Modules, which increase reader capacity, performance, durability, and ease of installation.

1993 – Matrix’s Bangor International Airport installation is chosen by Security Magazine as “Security’s Best” Access Control and Photo Imaging System.

1992 – Matrix’s U.S. Steel installation is chosen by Security Magazine as “Security’s Best” Integrated System Installation for 1992.

1991 – Matrix wins a global contract from United States Steel to install an integrated solution that combines access control, alarm monitoring, ID badge production, and data collection systems.

1990 – Matrix introduces badge readers that can accept Wiegand and proximity cards in addition to standard, high-coercivity magnetic stripe badges. Matrix also introduces a proximity reader with an integrated keypad and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) option.

1988 – Matrix installs the first fully integrated system to perform access control, alarm monitoring, and ID badge production—at Albuquerque International Airport—in anticipation of the FAA’s FAR 107.14 regulation that mandates upgraded access control, identification, and security systems at all major commercial American airports.

1987 – Matrix develops a new version of its access control system to run on Intel computers.

1985 – Matrix Systems develops an access control system with advanced features designed to support large databases implemented on DEC Micro PDP 11/73 computers. This innovative solution leads to contracts with large industrial and defense customers, including Eastman Kodak, AlliedSignal Corporation, General Electric Jet Engine, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Henry Ford Hospital, and the Detroit Medical Center, among others.

1981 – Matrix manufactures and installs ID Badge Readers with early versions of Matrix’s proprietary access control and time and attendance systems.

1979 – Matrix Systems, Inc. is founded by D. James Young.