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Aviation security has always presented unique challenges, and in recent years constantly changing TSA regulations have only upped the ante at these tremendously sensitive and vital facilities.

Tracking thousands of people, hundreds of planes and thousands more cars and other vehicles can be a daunting challenge – unless you’re working with Frontier. Weʼve developed security management solutions for some of the nationʼs busiest airports by being intimately familiar with those challenges and knowing how to address them.

With Frontier you can deploy the industry’s most sophisticated access control and security management solution and create a truly secure airport – from terminals to tarmacs and parking lots to perimeter fences – without sacrificing operational goals and without busting your operating budget.

Help onsite guards detect more suspicious people or vehicles and proactively respond to these incidents. Set and prioritize internal security zones. Implement biometric technologies to classify and restrict the access of employees and visitors. Generate watch lists to verify if there is a known threat present. Provide alarm notification and reporting to government agencies when necessary. And utilize our wireless solutions to tie your entire system together despite the vast expanse of real estate.

Best of all our hand-picked, highly trained and certified network of Solution Partners will work closely with you during and after deployment to ensure that your security management system remains effective and reliable.

Read more to learn how Frontier created an integrated security solution that satisfies the most stringent CBO and TSA requirements for Miami International Airport – the nation’s busiest airport and a prominent target for security threats.

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