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From grade schools to universities, educational institutions across the country are wrestling with campus security and budgetary concerns like never before.

What are you doing to keep our students safe? How can we effectively manage thousands of students, faculty and visitors on campus each day? How can we implement better, more responsive lockdown and communications procedures during an emergency? How can we prevent loss and vandalism? And how can we do all of this on our budget?

Tough questions. And if these questions are directed at you, you’d better have the right answer today – and the right answer tomorrow.

Protecting people and securing campuses large and small is what Frontier does best. From access control to video surveillance, everyday student management to emergency response, our security management solutions are designed to effectively handle your campus’ current security concerns while paving the way for easy upgrades to your system as your needs change and technology evolves.

Almost immediately, you will see what our customers at other campuses are seeing: A marked decrease in thefts, trespassing, vandalism, fights and other unwanted behavior. And with Frontier, as new challenges arise and issues around security in education become more complex, we make your future solutions simpler. Which is good – because the simplest answer is usually the best one.

Read more to learn how Frontier created a centralized, truly best-in-class access control system while retaining customized, flexible controls for each department at Texas A&M University.

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