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Ensuring the welfare of its citizens while preparing for the unthinkable – two of most important and solemn responsibilities of government. Yet budget cuts and city facilities dispersed over many square miles can make it difficult to secure the buildings, people and vital information you are charged with protecting.

Over the years, the security experts at Frontier have thought a lot about the unthinkable, which makes us the perfect choice for municipalities large and small. From government buildings and city streets to national parks and military bases, our centralized access control and surveillance solutions allow you to live up to your responsibility without busting your city’s budget.

Frontier software unifies access control under one server-based system with fiber-optic networks connecting people and facilities all across town – saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and labor. When new buildings are added to the infrastructure, you’ll save even more. For virtually the cost of card readers, new buildings can also benefit from video surveillance, audit-trail recording, system-generated lockdowns, immediate credentialing and other improvements. And even smaller city facilities with a small number of employees and doors can now have unprecedented security and access control.

Our open-architecture standards make it easy to integrate your existing equipment. And our unified IP-network allows ongoing security upgrades down the road, saving even more money, while also enabling real-time response to suspicious activity. When a surveillance alarm is triggered, Frontier displays the specific incident to security officers for immediate review and action – improving neighborhood safety and capturing evidence to help solve and prosecute crimes.

Read how Columbus, Ohio, the nation’s 16th-largest city, became second-to-none in municipal security by using Frontier to unify its facilities under one centralized fiber-optic network.

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