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When conditions are critical, seconds count.  True for patients, of course.  But also true when it comes to securing your Healthcare facilities.

Hospitals, medical centers, laboratories and research facilities – highly sensitive locations full of everything from controlled substances to private records to expensive medical equipment.  And people.  Hundreds, if not thousands of people – doctors, patients, employees, visitors and contractors – coming and going every day.

When money, reputations and even lives are on the line, you need a security management and access control system that is always on-call.

As the industry’s security concerns and measures become increasingly more complex, Frontier makes your security management decisions simpler.  Because Frontier knows Healthcare security, going well beyond badges and cameras to create an integrated, responsive solution to keep your people and most important assets safe.

Track the whereabouts of any cardholder – whenever you need.  Prioritize alarms by properly identifying which situations need the most urgent attention.  Integrate with leading HR systems (including Lawson and Peoplesoft) to allow access groups to be determined by job classification. And, if needed, lock down all perimeter doors with the push of a single button.  All this capability and much more – at dozens of facilities and thousands of doors – all controlled by a single Frontier enterprise server that eliminates the need for costly regional server environments.

Read the Case Study to learn how Frontier was able to help Promedica Health Systems secure their world-class Healthcare facilities.

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