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Biometric security is becoming increasingly common in both corporate and public enterprise security environments. Hospitals, sensitive data centers, courts, airports, military bases and government facilities have been using biometric systems for years while the demand in other industries is increasing rapidly.

And with good reason. Unlike keys, cards or number sequences, biometric verification is the only sure way to provide non-transferrable access control at your most sensitive facilities. Biometric devices authenticate individuals based on various physical characteristics such as fingerprints, hands, eyes and other unique physical characteristics. You simply can’t fake these characteristics or transfer them to unauthorized persons.

Since the early days of this technology, Frontier has integrated and installed cutting-edge biometric security devices in highly critical, zero-tolerance environments that demand absolute certainty. We partner with industry leaders in biometrics to provide the most reliable and effective systems you can find. With our fingerprint readers, hand geometry readers and facial recognition systems, there is just no way around it – the properly credentialed individual must be present at the point of identification to gain access.

Our integrated enterprise security solutions can incorporate advanced biometrics in some places, along with more traditional card readers, keypads and locks in others, giving you the flexibility to mix and match hardware to suit your budget and specific security needs. And all this capability is seamlessly managed by our Frontier Integrated Platform – simple yet powerful access control and security management software that lets you manage all the components of your security system both on-site and in remote locations.