Streamline. Synchronize. Secure.

Cyberlock Integration

CyberLock is a key-centric access control system designed to drastically increase security, accountability, and key control throughout your organization and solve security problems other technologies can’t.

Based on a unique design of electromechanical lock cylinders and programmable keys, a CyberLock solution is simpler and more affordable than traditional card readers and panels. Customers can realize savings of up to 70 percent in ancillary door costs alone. It is an ideal solution for securing doors where audits are necessary but the security level doesn’t justify the installation costs of card readers.

With CyberLock, you can control access to every lock in every facility and never re-key again. CyberKey smart keys are programmed with access permissions that grant access to each user only during specified hours and only for specified locks. These intelligent keys cannot be duplicated, hence the need to re-key is eliminated.

Each time a key is used, a record of that event is stored in both the lock and key, along with records of access-granted and access-denied events.  Now communication closets, fence gates, unoccupied out-parcel buildings, lockers, remote entry points and even padlocks can all be integrated into our Frontier Integrated Platform access control system using CyberLock.