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Video Management

An advanced video surveillance system is one of the most effective ways to identify unwanted persons and suspicious activity. It’s particularly important for large enterprises with multiple sensitive areas and expansive or remote facilities that simply can’t be properly secured with fences and on-site guard patrols.

But video security management is about more than just cameras and monitors. Once you capture events, you need an efficient way to review and analyze the activity, and respond in real time if you identify a security breach.


The seamless integration between the Frontier Video video management system and the top names in video hardware offers our customers cutting-edge, network-friendly video management and advanced analytic capabilities so you can seamlessly integrate recording and playback, advanced analytics, storage, alarm management and response measures to your system and easily manage everything with the Frontier Integrated Platform’s security management software.

Frontier Video Architecture

With Frontier Video, you’ll see more of what’s going on at your enterprise and be able to act quickly if the situation calls for it.